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Servidor inaugurado!

PLAYRAG um servidor amigavel / Epsodio encontro com o desconhecido


Atualizações: Baixem o novo Patch!!


oh well, i am glad to tell you that the "transfer" of all your data went smoothly this time. Unlike last time (storage got broken). I did plan to giveout more HE Gums (as compensation) , but seems like the script doesn't want to give any.. i'll probably give it out next maintenance.

posted by Rust™ on Thursday 17th of February 2011 03:27:23 AM


We almost completed the moving process.


This migration isn't planned. We migrated because the old server really isn't reliable. And since it was so sudden, some of you will have something missing, because the most recent backup data is 1 day older than the time of crash. It was only a few hours left before the auto-backup kicks in.

We are also in the process of re-uploading the client. The downloads for clients are also placed in the old server. So for now, no new players can join Supreme. We are working as fast as we can in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We are terribly sorry for all the inconvenience that happened since the past 2-3 days.

New Lite Client is uploaded. Now let me fix the pet/homun bug frist then i'll upload the Full Client. If the lite client still gives you some sort of bug give me a shout in chat room.

posted by Rust™ on Friday 28th of January 2011 04:47:03 PM


[Update] - Fixed Gem prices (it should be similar to the one in Gem NPC)
[Cleanup] - Removed NPCs that are considered useless (job quests npc)
[Cleanup] - Removed maps that are considered useless (e.g classic pvp maps)
[Cleanup] - Fixed WoE:SE dungeon drops.
[Update] - Reduced RG's Prestige's aftercast delay 60s -> 5s
[Update] - Fixed some Genetic's items sprites/texture

For more on this news please check this link.

posted by Rust™ on Wednesday 12th of January 2011 12:46:05 AM


err .. took this chances to update something too.
[Update] - Changed the WoE Time based on demand.
[Update] - Fixed GX's Toxin.
[Nerf] - Reduced Warlock's Jack Frost damage (overpowered compared to Frosty Misty).
[Nerf] - Reduced Genetic's Hell Plant damage (its not reduceable, hence the need to nerf it).
[Update] - Reverted the BIG Card to normal. People seems to hate it.
[Update] - Fixed bMATK bonus (some renewal item have this in their script).
[Update] - Improve EDP damage for Sonic Blow and Cross Impact.

posted by Rust™ on Monday 10th of January 2011 03:46:21 AM


[Nerf] - Sorc's Diamond Dust Cyrstallized 20s -> 5s
[Update] - Added Genetic skill ingredients for bombs/pots/food to drops/npc (see below)
[Update] - Added a 3rd class requirement for Genetic food/pot buffs
[Update] - Fix EDP buff to correctly boost damage to +400% based on pre-renewal.
[Update] - Tweaked Frosty Misty damage (roughly +100% Matk per level)
[Update] - Added MiniMap so you all can see dungeons/woe maps clearly and don't get lost as easily.
[Update] - Re-added Headgear NPC's (haven't added new headgears yet)
[Update] - Improve duration of Minstrel/Wanderer Chorus/Songs buffs (+3 minute; if it was 1 minute before, its now 4 minutes.)
[Update] - Slightly reduce Satan/Wounded Morroc EarthQuake casting rate.
[Removal] - Ended Christmas + New Year Event (no more 2x EXP).

For more on this news please check this link.

posted by Rust™ on Friday 7th of January 2011 11:25:13 PM